Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Childish And Responsibilities

Lately, my parent always ask about marriage. Maybe it was because my age is already 27, or actually they felt ashamed of me marrying late, and my sister and my other two younger brothers will marry earlier before me. For me, i already told them i want to marry since i was 22, but they told me that i should marry when i finish my study.

But now, i think, marriage is something big. It's not only about happiness and love, but also about responsibilities. For someone like me who are still not used to something like this, i think i need much more to learn before i can actually declare that i can. And sometimes, i feel that i am too childish, too sensitive and  immature.

For the time being, my needs are many, and maybe one of it is marriage, but the most suitable thing for me to archive now based on my conditions is studying. Maybe god bless me, and keep guiding me to good cause.

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