Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pretty Good, Huh?

Forgive me for not being able to update this blog for a very long time.

In the very beginning, I had no body to guide me writing in English, until the day I ask my friend, Saufiah, to overlook my writing skills. Then, I found another friend for the same duty, such as Suhaibah, Marina and others.

About last thirteen days or more, I downloaded ‘one piece’, a very popular cartoon adventure which contains more than 400 series, (but I only get 275 sequences) and pay some attentions so I can at least have some new words. The word (that might be use for public speaking, such as moron, brat) could be found here, in these series.

More than having fun, I also had chances to remember some new words I used to see more than once. Pretty good, huh?

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