Thursday, December 13, 2007

Congratulation Bro!

It had been almost a year since the last entry. Surely, writing something in English always ring the bell. About the memory when I move to Madinet Ahlam, secretly resident there, and learn to improve English in many way. But still, with the bell still ring loudly, my English still not improve a lot.

Actually, I want to write about my friend, Fairuz. Recently, he go to UK to earn some money I think, and secretly plan to get married. I somehow knew who his bride-to-be, even before he went to UK, and surprisingly knew about his plan directly from his brother. And, in this, I want to congrats him to full extend of my heart. Well done brother. You made me proud. Give your all to the future. I know you can handle this at ease, and perfect.

Maybe, when this marriage stuff is over, we'll completely be at different kind of level. But as a friend, so don't forget me as your friend.

So in the end of this entry, but not the end to anything else, I wish you two good luck. May Allah bless you two forever.

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