Monday, December 21, 2009

After Two Years

Last time i wrote at this blog was 2 years ago. That time, my friend, Fairuz just married and I want to congratulate him. And now, he already have a baby boy, Fawwaz. In 2 years, many things happened. I already move to another place about 3 times. I managed to passed my third year study, but failed to graduated last year. So, I have to retake another year to finish it.

After 2 years neglect my practice in writing anything in English, it somehow make me feel uneasiness to write. Almost, this site is almost unknown, and have no reader at all. No wonder, it is because I have not wrote for long.

This time I want to write something ordinary. Something that any others write everyday. About the examination, which is about less than a month. Practically, everybody feel unsecure, more or less, depends on their preparation. But for me, I feel bad thinking that I study to face this exam. It is just that not me who doing this, after so many years I never care about exam, but feel free to study anything I like or prefer to do. After failed last year, my mother hope more that I would success my study.

It is not i'm hate to be more aggresive in my study. And it is not that I don't like to pass, but I feel it is not right learn anything in this manner. To be free, and learn anything I want, in anyway I want, is how I studied this far.

Still, learning and studying is anybody prority.

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