Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Those Tapes

One day, I just miss hearing Arabic tapes, but I don't have any, not even one single tape. Walking from my home (home sweet home), to Luqman's home, I asked him to lend me some. That tape titled (Nihayatul Alam, Mata Wa Kaifa). O…it's made me very happy that day, nice to hear and walking around. And the next day, I borrowed another more.

It was very lucky to have so very nice friend, and do you know? The next day, I borrowed the third one. Luqman kept my eyes in touch.

"When you will give it back to me? I think better you leave the tape's cover so I can detect if you not give it back"

With a smiling face, looking unsuspicious, I told him nicely.

"Don't worry. Do you trust me? We are friend, aren't we?"

Felt ashamed, I stopped borrowing but believe, there were five beside me. I went to Mansurah next month, looking for more Arabic's tape (because Luqman told me, at there, those tapes are cheaper than at any other places. One for only one pound and fifty piaster. Buying eight, smiling a day light time, returning to my home, and be proud to everybody I met, (but still, felt ashamed to Luqman for the same reason – still not giving back his tape) I wanted to finished Luqman's tapes first.

For dubbing, I need an empty tape. At least, I want to dub that (Nihayatul Alam). I cancelled my plan. I wanted to record it to my computer, but I don't know how! Until yesterday, I lent my friend's camera with recording function, and started the delayed projects. Ha ha. It finished.

Tomorrow, with a full smile, I will give back Luqman's tapes. Thanks for your tolerate, what I proud (and more) to have so nice friends. Thank you again.

AL's footnotes:
1) Have a nice day.
2) Better pray, I do remember your home!
3) Remind me if you have other tape. I would like to…
4) Borrowing for free, isn't it?
5) Thanks a lot!

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