Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Write Simple Sentences

Write simple sentences. That is all what my teacher tells me and my friend. Don't ask why because I don't have any answer for that except – it's better not make any mistake. But truly, I love complex sentences. I think it's the only way to show that I'm the best writer. Oh! It so silly thinking like that. Furthermore, I still the same word, repeatedly, same sentences every time, and…I didn't plus any single words a day.

Write simple sentences. That all my teacher said.

How many times I had wrote before? Even the homework I can't finish it completely. What a lazy boy! Exactly, I hated English because I cannot remember each single word I learn everyday, and failed to add new vocabulary. How bored! I hated it.

My friend - Hazrat (oh, he is very good in English) always be my target to ask anything. First of all – compare English and Arabic. What is the different between English and Arabic? He said – English don't have so many words like Arabic, and the easiest way to learn it is read a lot. I said that time – Learning any language needing you to read a lot.

Second, Arabic is too complex, have so many rules. I laughed and told him – Learning Arabic just like learning Mathematic. There was formula, technique, and all that is so simple if you can understand it perfectly. But English…O…I need to remember so many words, and it is too weird I can't understand what I read! So, what the problem?

I think, the last time I wrote before was when I finished my English's paper examination. Since that, I not even write even a simple sentence like my teacher told me to do so. Since that, I too busy with Arabic because I love it very much.

Until these days, I ask myself, why don't I try my best learning English? I have some basic, and all what I have to do is – practicing. Practice make perfect. Practice to make simple sentences.

Al's, Zaki Marzuki.

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