Thursday, April 06, 2006

These Days

These days, I feel very sad. So many things happened, and I do not know whom should I tell to. But as always, there will always many ways to remove (betul ke remove?) all these sadness. There were ten.

1. Sleep all day long.
2. Eat as much as I can.
3. Chat with those I like to.
4. Go (makan angin), walking along Mandarah’s beach.
5. Serve internet.
6. Change my life’s style
7. Pay attention doing something else.
8. Watching movies.
9. Never apart with others.
10. Read al-Quran.

This far, I don’t know if I really had done anything I thought it could release me from these sadness.

AL’s Footnotes:
1. Isk3 x 15

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