Friday, March 03, 2006

My Beloved Keyboard

I hate my keyboard a bit. It always make noise each time I type something. Guess how annoying it is to disturbing other’s sleep when you are ‘working’ at night. Everybody always knows that I’m writing something that time.

To solve this problem, I need at least 40 junaih buying new keyboard. But, I will make thinking several times. Is this keyboard is useless and no more useful? Appreciate what you have, and always thank God. The most important is keep on writing, not chasing everything new – isn’t it?

So, I keep remembering how much this keyboard serving me this far. Furthermore, all of my friend never regret to be side and knowing that I’m writing (although I feel ashamed to be watched) Hihi, keep on what are you doing.

AL’s footnotes
1 – always thank God.
2 – have a nice day.

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