Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Dangerous of Being Alone.

The Dangerous of Being Alone.

Never let your child being alone at home. Or either yourself. It’s so dangerous. Why? Then I will tell you a story. This happened a few days before.

That day, Engkau was staying home alone. Engkau’s stomach was growling. So, Engkau go to stove to boil water. Then, something happened. Engkau heard something weird. From Engkau’s room. Engkau ran to Engkau’s room. There was nobody, except, Engkau’s computer.

Start reading, Engkau begins to concentrate. Then, Engkau felt tired, and wanted to play games. But still, Engkau heard that weird voice. But Engkau didn’t know where it came from. Gave up to find the source, Engkau starts playing games. After playing for hour or two, Engkau catch the book and read again. Then, Engkau felt asleep. So, Engkau slept after that.

Then, what the problem is?

The problem is the boiling water. It dried up. Not left any, not even a single drop. Oh, it’s too late to turn off the fire. That is the dangerous of being alone. Never let your kids alone at home. And please,(I warn you) don’t play with fire.

AL’s Footnotes:
1. Still not married, how can I have kids?
2. Go and marry somebody. Then there are two of you.
3. Eh! It’s a story about someone else. Not me, ha!

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