Sunday, March 12, 2006

My New Watch

I bought a new watch yesterday. For so long time I don’t have any single watch, it is too tired to keep asking every body – what is the time now? But, (it is) I feel great to copy Arab’s style asking others this (and only) question when meet foreigners.

But, the true reason buying watch is – I want to stop having handset. It was just a plan. It’s wasting money so much, I think. And the true reason I have a handset this far is because – I don’t know the time. (Every handset has time setting.)

Walking home (at Ramsis), I bought a new watch. Choosing the blue one (I love blue so much); I paid it for twenty junaih. Then hurry catching ‘trengko’ to Aabud and going back to my home.

Ha, ha. It is so bad when I open my eyes (and wonder – what is the time now) the next morning; my watch isn’t function any more. The hour needle isn’t move. Oh! How bad. Then what? What the solution after all of this? Keep patient? Buy new one? Repair it?

Can you even wonder – repair means money, buy means money. Patient means what? Oh, I can’t make any decision now – either continuing my plan or forget it. What is the worse?

Em, I don’t have the answer now. Maybe next time isn’t it?.

AL’s Footnotes:
1. Better not wasting your time anymore.
2. Cut the time before it cutting you.

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